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Why It Is A Bad Idea To Get An Offshore Web Developer

You decide to get an offshore web developer, and at first, things look good. However, after you check on other details, it turns out to be a bad idea. If you hire an offshore developer, you will face a lot of problems on the way. Offshore developers means developers who are not in your country, often operating out of third world countries. It means that it is cheaper, but it might not have the quality of a proper web developer. Today we will be looking at web design Ottawa Agency.

Is Offshore Development Worth The Risk? 

There are only two things that we can think of that lead website owners to choose the offshore approach. One, the price is much lower. You can get some of these developers on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. While some offshore developers may have reasonable rates that line up with more local developer rates, it is still difficult to determine whether or not you are getting your money’s worth until the end of the development phase. 

The next advantage is that you can always hire more and more offshore developers if your project expands. However, the more staff you have, the more employees you will need to manage.

Extra Time Managing The Workforce

Managing the team is not going to be an easy task. There are language or communication problems as well as cultural differences when you use offshore solutions. It would help if you spent hours and hours managing people in your team, and that is not going to be easy. When you deal with developers across the world that don’t understand the purpose of your business or your culture and also you method of doing things, it can be frustrating. Language barriers lead to some of the biggest issues in development for new websites, and you will need to determine if this is something you are willing to work through for a cheaper cost. 

Communication Breakdowns

You need to work together with someone that you can communicate with. Programming is a very complex language, never mind if one is conversing in English and the other in Spanish. It is going to become a nightmare! Here are some of the problems that you will face in a conversation:

“Hey Joshua, I would like to add pricing to the system. However, the software has yet to be debugged therefore I cannot add the pricing. You have to carry out the debugging then restart the software so that encryption features can be implemented. This will make the process of adding pricing to the system efficient.” 

An average person wouldn’t understand this technical jargon, but a developer would. However, if you and your developer are speaking different languages, it can lead to a breakdown in communication. That means more time, more resources, and more hands on work for your business than you were probably planning on. 

Why Pay More Without A Native Website Developer

Some business owners feel that they can’t communicate properly through the internet and prefer to do their business in person or at least over the phone. When you want to work closely with your developer, it is important to work with a developer in the same or a similar time zone. While this might not seem like a big issue in the beginning, it can cause additional frustration when it comes to deadlines. 

There are always additional costs to consider when it comes to your web design. These could be hidden costs from shady developers, monetary conversion fees, or even just the additional time and hands on work you need to put into the project when it comes to navigating language barriers. 

If you pay less for something, expect less of something. There are many bad stories about third world web developers. In the long term, you’re better off sticking with an Ottawa web developer who understands the drive behind your business and who can work with you directly when it comes to making your website ideas come to life. 

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