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Essential Web Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

In our modern age, it’s nearly essential for a business to have a solid website to represent it. Getting a new site designed by Web Design Ottawa, or having your original site re-designed is an excellent way to achieve a quality site that will make your company stand out. Having a high-quality website by itself isn’t enough to maintain a strong digital presence though, that site must be maintained so that it functions at its highest level. That’s why we created this list of the most important maintenance tasks for a business website. Keep up with these tasks or risk making your site look outdated or even worse, preventing it from doing its job entirely. 


Web Forms

Web forms can stop working overtime. This can keep people from contacting you or submitting orders. Double-check that your forms are working now and then to make sure you’re not missing out on business. 


Contact Information

Your business contact information is likely one of the most important portions of your website. It’s how visitors interact with your company and order your services or products. Make sure the contact information gets updated as it changes or you’re going to miss out on crucial orders. 


Broken Links

Nothing turns visitors off faster than broken links. Imagine trying to send your site visitors over to a contact form or a product page only for the link to stop working. That’s why it’s up to you to double-check the various links on your website to make sure they’re still working. Check the most important links frequently and update them whenever they become broken. 


Site Load Times

Getting your site to load quickly after it’s first released doesn’t mean it will always run fast. That’s why it’s important to check your load speeds regularly. Take the time to verify that your site is snappy on a monthly basis and if it isn’t using compression tools and removing some plugins to raise those speeds. You can also work with site professionals to help you determine what’s slowing your page loads down so you can speed them back up again. 


Promotions and Coupons

Coupons and special promotional offers can give your website a professional look, but only if they’re updated regularly. One of the worst things you can do for your brand image is to leave up old promotions that are outdated and no longer usable. Take a moment to remove or update old promotions so visitors can see your site is well cared for. 


Your Blog

Regularly updated blog posts will help push SEO (search engine optimization) visitors to your website while also giving your business a more professional look. Adding blog posts to your site regularly will help it stand out in a big way. If you want to appear as a leading expert in your industry, invest some time into releasing at least a bi-weekly blog post to set your company apart. 


Checking up on the different items on this list is a great way to start keeping your site well maintained. Visit https://webdesignottawa.com to learn more about site maintenance and our maintenance plans or design services to make sure your site is performing at the highest level for your organization. 



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